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114th Aviation Company
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Merchandise Catalog

Embroidered Unit Emblems

Blazer Crest
This high quality handcrafted gold and silver bullion blazer crest
will make you stand out in the crowd. Proudly display your membership with this easy to pin on, got-to-have accessory
. $21.00
Temporarily Sold Out/On Order

114th Patch
Full-color high quality cloth and skillfully embroidered
just like the originals from Vinh Long.
Perfect gifts for the grand kids or those next door
..... $4.00

544th Patch
Exact replica of original unit patch.
Same quality and workmanship as the 114th Patch.
Give all the neighbors one
..... $4.00

Unit Pins

"Knights of the Air" Pin
This inch brass pin is painted with durable enamel
in all the beautiful colors our famous unit patch.
It is a perfect accessory for any man or women's outfit.
Wear it proudly because you served with the best
..... $4.00
Gold Knight Pin
This 1 inch finely detailed gold painted pin is the same one worn
by "Gold Knight Six" crew members.
Buy one now and finish that collection
..... $4.00
Red Knight Pin
This 1 inch brass pin is painted with a durable red enamel finish
just like the one you had made in Vinh Long. Any member of
one of the finest lift platoons in Vietnam would be proud
to display this work of art.
.... $4.00
White Knight Pin
This 1 inch brass pin is painted with a classy white enamel
and detailed in the same high quality craftsmanship as our other
pins. Members wearing this pin can be easily recognized as
crewmen from the other best lift platoon
..... $4.00
Blue Knight Pin
This 1 inch brass pin is painted with the same durable enamel
paint. The quality of this pin is maintained just as the quality
of the support that the members who wore this pin
in Vietnam provided the flight crews.
Any man would be proud to wear this
..... $4.00
Cobra Pin
This 1 inch brass pin is just like the one you earned in
Vietnam, its easy push-pin mount makes it a snap to put on
that favorite cap. Ideal for use as tie tack, lapel pin or
in that trophy case right beside those medals you brought home.
You Cobras got to have this one
..... $5.00
Temporarily Sold Out/On Order
Lancer Pin
This brass 11/4 inch masterfully done reproduction,
like the small group of men who served in this special platoon
is a work of art. The men who had a chance to earn this pin
represent the smallest group of 114th veterans.
A must for collectors
..... $5.00

Association Coin and Belt Buckle

Unit Coin
This bronze metal Association coin was minted in Canada and first issued in July, 1997. It has the Association logo on one side and the official Tee Shirt logo on the reverse. No collection is complete without one of ours. This is one of the best detailed coins around. Ideal for presentations and gifts. If you are challenged and can't show it, you have to buy a round of drinks..... $20.00

Western Style Belt Buckle
This is very attractive gold and blue buckle,
with full-color association logo,
can be worn with your favorite belt and jeans.
Also suitable for dress..... $16.00

Temporarily Sold Out/On Order

Association Decals

Small Stick-on Decal
1 inch Full-color decal designed for general use
in correspondence, letters, etc. Buy them by the roll...
they come easy to use just like the US postal stamps. Use
them every time you mail something and help promote our
organization..... 10 for $2.00 or 30 for $5.00

Window Stick-on Decal
31/2 inch Full-color decal
designed to go inside the window of your car to face out.
Put one in each of your autos……….. $1.00

Bumper Decal
Made of durable material, this 41/2 inch Full-color Stick-on is made for your auto bumper, but can be used any place that has a smooth surface. Buy several and put them on your luggage, that favorite brief case or fishing tackle box. You'd be surprised where they
have been seen..... $1.70 or 6 for $5.00

Unit Ball Caps

Baseball Caps
These are our best sellers, because of their quality construction. These aren't your run-of-the-mill baseball caps that have their bills falling off the second time you put them on your head. Our quartermaster did his home work before ordering these, and there's a color for each platoon. Available in red, white, black, blue and gold. Nothing looks better than one on these sitting on top of your head with that special platoon pin proudly displayed..... $15.00

Ladies Visors

Women's Sun Visor
This white sun visor complete with 114th color logo
is a high quality accessory by "Town Talk" that will complement any outfit while showing your support of your hero..... $10.00

Temporarily Sold Out/On Order

Reunion 97' Commerative Straw Hat

Men's Straw Hat
This natural straw hat by "Town Talk" with its fancy dark blue band is a perfect place to display those pins and other miniature uniform items you've collected
over the years..... $25.00

Temporarily Sold Out/On Order


Tee Shirt
These are not those cheap thin t-shirts that wear out in a couple of washing. On the back of this heavy quality constructed garment (Left) is the official multicolored 114th design which includes both our Vietnam and Panama service. A smaller Association logo (Right) in full color is on the left front. These beauties are available in White, Red, Green and Black.
Sizes include M, L and XL for $12.00.
Please add $1.50 extra per shirt for XXL
Special: 2 for $22.00 or 3 for $30.00.

Sweat Shirt
These high quality shirts are tough just like our members. Ditto on everything said about the Tee shirts, except these babies are long sleeved and super warm. Just right for early spring and fall wear. Buy a couple and throw them in the back of the car, RV or in that boat seat. You'll be proud to wear them. Color/Size Selections: White, Red or Ash Grey. Available in M, L and XL.....
$20.00 ea.
Please add $2.50 per item for XXL.

Heavy Hog Model

Model Kit
This special production MRC 1/35 scale model kit of Cobra V with its 48 rocket pods and M-5 40mm grenade launcher is just like the real McCoy.
This is a must for all you "Hog" fans..... $23.00

Temporarily Sold Out/On Order

Association Publications

Knight's News Letters
There are many exciting stories and much information about members
contained in these old news letters. Those of you just finding out about the Association must have a complete set so you don't miss something about one of your old friends...... $3.00 ea

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If you have any questions about our merchandise,
you may contact our Quartermaster directly via e-mail at:

114th Quarter Master

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Created by Terry A. Dell, White Knight Crew-chief 69-70' Republic of Vietnam 
in association with members of the 114th Assault Helicopter Company
 who served May 1963 to February 1972.

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